3 Ways to Keep Your Loved One’s Ashes

When a loved one has passed on, it can be difficult to let go, especially if your family has chosen cremation as an option. If you’re struggling on what to do with your loved one’s ashes, don’t stress yourself over what will be the most fitting final resting place. Instead, focus on the memories you shared and how they may help in this transition. Then, consider these three ways to keep your loved one’s ashes.

1.) Cremation urns are a popular way for most families to keep a loved ones ashes. Made from ceramics, wood, or metal, cremation urns can last a lifetime and be passed down through the generations. Plus, they’re a moving and respectful tribute. Just select an urn that best fits your loved one and display it in a special place.Urns.com offers cremation urns to suit your loved one.

2.) Cremation jewelry is another option for someone to keep that loved one with you always. With cremation jewelry, your loved one’s ashes get divided. A small amount goes into a miniature urn (worn as a pendant). The rest can be scattered, buried, or stored in an urn and displayed. It’s up to you. Urns.com offers cremation jewelry in a variety of styles to suit your needs during this transitional time.

3.) Cremation diamonds are an expensive but unique option to preserve your loved one’s memory. In this method, your loved one’s ashes will be turned into a precious stone that can then be worn in jewelry. You’ll need a special service to do this.

Any of these methods can work for you. Let us know if you have any questions. Trust us – we know how big of a decision this can be.

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