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Honor Your Loved One with a Decorative Urn

The death of a loved one is a difficult transition. However, one way to make this transition more meaningful is to consider an appropriate way to memorialize your loved one. While some people will use gravestones or monuments, decorative urns are a compelling choice for a longstanding memorial to someone important.

Urns are commonly used in cases of cremation. Combining form with function, urns come in a variety of shapes and styles, which can make it easy to select one that is well suited to any particular need or budget. However, when it comes to urns, it is worth considering handcrafted decorative urns instead of more utilitarian pieces.

Decorative urns have a two-fold benefit. To start, these handcrafted options are an apt tribute to any loved one. These urns are made with care and commitment, which shows respect. The quality of the piece is a great way to honor the special person and all they meant in your life.

Moreover, decorative urns can be prominently displayed as a longstanding monument. Since an urn will be integrated into your home, it should be something that you look on fondly as a matter of respect. Handcrafted urns provide this level of sophistication. It is impossible to replace a loved one, but it is possible to remember them with grace and integrity by purchasing the right decorative urn.

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Keeping Your Loved One Close with a Keepsake Urn

Although you can bury a loved one in a cemetery, it can be difficult to stay connected. Memories can dim over time, and hectic schedules can make it nearly impossible to visit. An elegant urn allows you to keep your loved one nearby, so remembering the little details of your relationship is effortless.

Keepsake Urns Reflect Your Loved One’s Style

Urns.com has a wide selection of keepsake urns that keep your respect alive for loved ones who have died. Our urns allow you to commemorate loved ones by encasing them in urns that reflect their personality or interests. Additionally, our keepsake urns can be customized with a special message or the dates of your loved one’s lifespan.

Decorative and Beautiful Urns

You can also choose a keepsake urn that coincides with your décor, so your loved one can share a prominent place in your home. Choose from an elegant heart-shaped urn, a book keepsake urn or other decorative styles.

If you prefer, select a keepsake pendant that allows your loved one to stay physically and emotionally close to your heart. No matter your choice, an urn from Urns.com preserves your loved one with elegance and style.

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Cremation Ceremonies & Music

While planning a cremation ceremony for a lost loved one, you’re certainly going to want to incorporate music. Not only can this be a touching way to say kind words and encapsulate the life that has passed in a beautiful way, it can also provide for moments of reflection and grieving. It can be difficult to cry or pray when there is complete silence or speaking, but music may offer the ideal backdrop for a more personal experience at the cremation ceremony. Here are some songs to consider:

  • My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
  • Hero – Mariah Carey
  • Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton
  • Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley
  • The Rose – Bette Midler
  • Candle In The Wind – Elton John
  • Imagine – John Lennon
  • What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  • Yesterday – The Beatles
  • Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin
  • Make Me a Channel of Your Peace Hymn
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness Hymn
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Handling a Sudden Loss in the Family

Most would agree that dealing with any loss has its pain to bear. That said, however, when an aging or elderly member of the family passes, it can often be touched with an element of peace, knowing that their life had been long and full, filled with loving people and a robust history. There is an acceptance that, although the loss is felt, it is natural. Additionally, when someone has been very ill for a long time and they pass on, friends and family may be comforted by the end to their suffering.

One of life’s greatest mysteries and greatest pains come from an event in which a loved one passes unexpectedly or if the person is very young. This situation is difficult to bear and not only comes with extreme sadness, it also comes with a host of other emotions, such as confusion, disbelief, and even anger—thus complicating the mourning process.

While there is no easy answer in these times, some ways to help one another may include:

  • Scheduling more time together in the deceased’s honor. When a young person or an ill person passes, the loss is felt in very real ways that affect the daily lives of many. Those that are most affected may want to find a way to come together and embrace the void with one another to help ease the pain.
  • Purchasing a keepsake urn or a cremation pendant to keep the loved one close and near the heart in the weeks, months, and years to come.
  • Creating a memorial to the person who has passed. This may be a tree or garden with an inscribed stone or adding a statue to your front porch.
  • Carving out time or setting up a regular donation to a charity of choice in their name. Whether they died of an illness and you want to support that cause, or if they held a particular interest that they would appreciate, this is a way to help you feel as though their presence lives on.
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Cremation Jewelry Styles

cremation pendantWhen a young lady loses her mother or grandmother, getting them a lovely piece of cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to pay honor to her loss. There are a wide variety of options in the design of a cremation pendant that can make this a truly sentimental and respectful piece of jewelry that will help her keep the lost loved one close.

Cross Pendant: Christians that hold their faith in high regard will certainly appreciate the beauty and symbolism represented by a cremation pendant that is a cross. You can find very simple designs as well as very ornate ones.

Heart Shaped Pendant: You can also find cremation pendants that are shaped in a heart and these come in a wide range of styles, from those that look like jewels to others that are a simple gold or silver tone.

Teardrops: A teardrop is a lovely symbol of sadness and you can find beautiful teardrop cremation pendants in gold or silver as well as combination metals.

Symbolic Pendants: While the cross, heart, or teardrop symbols are widely recognized, you may prefer something a bit more apropos to the person who has passed. You can find cremation pendants that feature images from nature, such as doves, flowers, leaves, dolphins, paw prints, horses, butterflies, and so much more.

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Losing a Pet: Choosing a Pet Urn & Other Decisions

pet urnsThe loss of a pet can be devastating, particularly for the many people that consider their cat or dog part of the family.

It is a real loss that is deeply felt and must therefore be handled with great care and compassion. If you have an aging pet or one that has been diagnosed with a serious illness, here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

Prepare for the loss: Even though the thought of losing your pet may be unbearable, it is highly beneficial to speak with a professional or at least a trusted friend who can help you work through your feelings and find some measure of peace.

Consider the logistics: Will you be burying your pet or having them cremated? Will you then perhaps bury the ashes, keep the ashes, or scatter them in a special place? You can easily shop to find a gorgeous pet urn or a lovely scattering tube to give dignity to the event.

Plan for the death: This may sound grim, but you may find that visualizing the end day will bring you comfort. You’ll want to have a plan in place for either a death at home or at the vet office. Furthermore, you’ll want to know where you will be having the cremation done.

Consider your support system: Talk to close friends and family and have a plan in place to get the support you need as you face the death and as you commemorate the loss.

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Helping Loved Ones Manage the Five Stages of Grief

When a loved one passes, the first few days and weeks can be a flurry of activities. Friends and family members lean on one another, talk quite a bit, and work together to plan a cremation ceremony or funeral. At the service, the larger community shows up to pay respects and everyone shares in the grief.

After the services, life inevitably goes on and those most impacted by the loss are left to carry on with the missing pieces. An understanding of the stages of grief can help you and others close to the situation identify what is normal and what may require professional help.

Denial & Isolation: Initially, introversion can be expected and this is okay. A temporary seclusion can be welcomed and even healthy; it’s just important that it doesn’t go on too long.

Anger: Feelings of anger at the injustice of such a great loss can be very normal. Conversely, dwelling in this state for too long or becoming overly ingrained in it can indicate a problem.

Bargaining: The bargaining phase can be tricky and is very exclusive to the situation. This phase may be minimal when the loss is of an older person or due to a natural death. When the circumstances are more controversial or seemingly unfair, this phase can take on a number of different looks.

Depression: Some sadness is to be expected. The creation of a new normal is entirely normal. A prolonged or intense depression may not be, so keeping a close eye on someone exhibiting a severe depressive state after a loss is important.

Acceptance: Everyone reaches a level of acceptance in their own time and it can take on a varied appearance from one person to the next. The acceptance of the loss of a spouse may mean that survivors take up new activities and hobbies never before considered. Conversely, it can also mean that the surviving spouse immerses themselves in things formerly only beheld to the deceased. In either case, or anything in between, this can be a normal way to stay connected, so long as the person is working toward genuine happiness with their new life.

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What to Say & Not to Say to Those Grieving

One of the most difficult things that happen to people who are sharing grief is relating to each other sincerely, being a point of care and comfort, not further pain. Here are thoughts that have been offered by others who have suffered intense grief:

Sometimes saying nothing, but being there is enough. Those in pain know that there are no words to make anything different, but knowing others are there is a great comfort.

Avoid sense. In no other time does it make sense to throw out logic, but the last thing anyone in grief needs is practicality. Throwing out platitudes, such as “time heals,” or “everything happens for a reason,” is not really helpful when the pain fresh.

Don’t forget their grief after the funeral. Following the cremation ceremony or funeral, many people take steps to move on, but those closest to the deceased may be facing days, weeks, and even months of the grieving process. Remember to send a card on special dates or pick up the phone from time to time to let them know that taking their time to work out feelings is just fine.

Don’t be afraid to bring up the name of the deceased or remember good times. Those that suffer a great loss will never forget the one that has passed. Remembering good times will not enhance their grief, it will, however, help them remember good times.

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Cremation Service Etiquette

Planning the service when you’ve lost a loved one can be agonizing. Attending the cremation ceremony or funeral can be unsettling as well. It can be difficult to know what to say or do…the last thing anyone wants to do is insult the family or stand out in a negative light. Here are a few reminders and tips for attending a service and paying honor to the dearly departed:

Dress appropriately. This can mean a few things. The common assumption is to wear something dark and conservative, somber—and in most cases, you would be fine. However, if the deceased and their family have particular cultural or religious views that you’re unfamiliar with, you may want to verify that the dark attire is still appropriate. You’ll also want to make sure you have a modicum of comfort, as you may be sitting or standing for a stretch of time as well as hugging or greeting others.

Make sure your cell phone is turned off, muted, or left behind.

Be courteous when greeting immediate family members. Try to take your cues from them to determine if a hug or a handshake is in order. Be sure to offer simple words of sympathy, but keep it brief. Others are probably waiting to relay their condolences as well. Also worth noting, this is not the time to ever get into anything controversial or particular. The service is the time to honor the deceased, end of story.

Offer assistance to the family as you leave. This is always a nice way to depart a cremation service or funeral. Those that are closest to the deceased should take people up on offers to help. Typically, fellow mourners truly wish to help in an otherwise helpless situation and working together is often a great way to pay homage to the departed.

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Sports Urns and Pendants for the Athlete

At Urns.com, we offer an exclusive collection dedicated to athletes of all kinds. Often, true sportsmen and athletes have a distinct mindset and a life that revolves around sports that plays out both on and off the field. They may have personalities that are quite loyal and intense. When your lost loved one lived as an athlete, it may be very important to you to remember that aspect of them. That’s why we carry a line of sports urns and cremation pendants that honor this aspect. You’ll find:

  • Sports cremation pendants for soccer, football, skateboarding, golf, and others. These are also lovely to help you remember outings with the departed, even if they only played recreationally.
  • Sports urns for fishermen and women, golfers, surfers, and others. Giving them a final resting place dedicated to their passion will not only help you give honor and dignity to their life, it can also serve as a way to immediately remind you of their life, not necessarily the loss.
  • You can also choose to use a wooden urn with a prayer or poem dedicated to athletes that may help you find your way through the grieving process on the road to peace.
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